Gospel Insights from the News

This newsletter is inspired by a 19th century book titled The Bible and the Newspaper. Written by Baptist evangelist C.H. Spurgeon, it drew spiritual applications from the news of the day.

The newspapers of Spurgeon’s day were a dirt road compared with the information superhighway that Christians travel in the 21st century. As a journalist by trade who spent seven years as an editor at a publication all about technology, I decided to revive his concept for the digital age.

Each issue of this newsletter includes a featured Bible lesson based on something in the online news of the day. The inspiration for the lesson could be a major news story, a compelling feature, or a thought-provoking column or quote. The proverbial picture worth a thousand words or a viral TikTok video might be the spiritual spark. Or a tweet that gets people talking might get me thinking about the Word of God.

The newsletter includes other content to complement the featured lesson, including shorter essays, summaries of the lessons in Spurgeon’s book, religious news briefs and works of art inspired by the Bible. All of the images included in the newsletters are either in the public domain and thus free to reprint or from websites like Unsplash.com that share royalty-free images. Much of the artwork is available at Wikimedia Commons, and you can read Spurgeon’s book here.

I welcome story ideas from readers. If you see something in the news online that reminds you of a story or important message in the Bible, please send your tips via email, Twitter or the Bible Study Page I have on Facebook.

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The Bible and the Internet is a newsletter that draws spiritual lessons from online news, features, columns and other content.


Danny Glover is a Christian in the Washington, D.C., area, and a writer and editor by profession. The views expressed here are mine alone.